Hey my name is Chris and i’m an Autistic traveler who is currently traveling around SouthEast Asia. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and i'm a 1st generation American - My mom is from Port Au Prince, Haiti and my dad is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa (formerly known as Zaire). I’ve been traveling around since I was in my mom stomach and grew a fascination of travel from a young age. I’m mostly introverted but I do have some extroverted qualities. Hope you guys enjoy and get inspired by my blog.
The creation for this blog was made to first show people what traveling and going on adventures can be like. For people to follow me on my adventures and to get to know who I am as a traveler. That being said I will also teach you how I travel and how i’m able to make my dream of travel a reality. In doing so im hoping to inspire as well as motivate people to follow their dreams. That there are other options on how to live your life than what society teaches you. You can literally create the life you want.
The second purpose of this blog is to help spread awareness and acceptance about Autism. After learning that I was Autistic (Asperger) on Christmas of 2015 I’ve come to realize that I knew nothing abut Autism, and it dawned on me that millions of other people know nothing about it either. Yeah, pretty much everyone has heard of the word Autism but how many people know what it actually is, do you? Well I want to change all that and I will use to blog to do it. I will share as much information as I can as well my own personal stories as an Autistic man. In doing so I hope to increase awareness and acceptance. What I mean by that is for people to accept that Autism is not a disorder or a syndrome but a way of life and a different way of thinking. The only reason why it is a disorder is because society hasn’t accepted our way of life, its out of the ordinary, and not the norm. Like I said before I plan to change all that with the help of this blog.