When You Wished You Used Work-Away and Hitchhiking From The Start

March 17, 2017


So what would I have done with all the knowledge I’ve now acquired through my journey? The answer is simple, I would have done a lot more. Let me kick off with this wonderful platform I’ve just started utilizing called Work-Away. I would have liked to have used this tool as my primary tool, to decide what country and city I would travel to and explore as well as where to cause mischief in. 

Using Work-Away From The Start

My primary Work-Away I would be searching for would be one that I can just house sit in for a long period of time. The amount of these listings that I have seen on this site is freaking unbelievable! Who would have thought, that there would be people in this world who would want to travel and would trust, an absolute complete stranger to come and take care of their precious home while their off gallivanting somewhere, taking in new sites during the day, and most likely getting shitfaced somewhere at some popular touristic bar dancing the night away.

It’s unimaginable and I would have never expected to find this buried treasure stashed away on Work-Away – it’s like finding a gold mine! Just imagine traveling to a new country and having your own place for a month or more without having to pay a fucking dime (besides paying for your meals of course), exciting right?



If I was to secure a spot for one of these jobs I would definitely use my time wisely. These would be the type of jobs where I would complete a majority of my freelancing jobs and build my blog up. You see, with hostels, I’m faced with a lot of distractions from newly made friends wanting to hang out and head to the local bars all the time as well as the beautiful and interesting girls who steal my time and attention away. The power of saying no is just something that I barely have, I feel guilty each time I have to say it, but it’s something that I have gotten exponentially better with. 

But the real beauty of having a job like this is that I finally get to have my own privacy (important for someone whose autistic), sleep in bed in my birthday suit, and do whatever  I want in the privacy of my own place. 

The next best thing I would go for if the previous job was off the market would be to go for one where I can learn yoga or meditation – both if I’m lucky. I’ve seen listings at centers and personal homes where they need help running or cleaning the place and in return for your kind service, you’ll be rewarded with being taught both these practices along with of course giving you free accommodation and sometimes meals. 

I’ve been meaning to learn both these arts but it’s either I can’t manage to accrue enough time or I can’t find someone one willing to teach me, so why not do a Work-Away instead where I have to use my available time to accomplish these things and I get a free place to stay as well – sounds like a win – win situation to me!


Me and my friends hiking up in Sapa


Now, these are my ideal jobs that I would first go after and if they aren’t available then no worries. I would then look for listings where I can learn and acquire a new skill – preferably one that I am interested in and one that can aid me on my journey across this big old globe. With Work-Away’s abundant quantities of jobs around the world, there’s plenty of skills that one can learn and master. 

I do plan on roughing it along my trip so searching for a job about permaculture and self-sustainability would be a perfect fit for that. Never been properly camping so why not look for a Work-Away at a park in a forest, I would like to sail to another country as well and what better way than working on a sailboat with the wind in my hair, nothing but blue waters around me, and a barf bag right next to me should I ever get sea sick and decide to spew out my mid-afternoon lunch – you get the idea. 


Hitchhiking Like Nobody’s Business

Had the whole night bus to myself from Chiang Mai to Bangkok


Buses, planes, and trains are the majority of people’s preferred method of traveling which can be costly – especially for someone like me whose practically traveling without any money! It makes me sick to my stomach at times whenever I start thinking inside the warped little mind of mine about how much money I could have saved especially from the start of this Southeast Asia travel. $80 flying fee from London to Malaysia, $30 plane ticket to Vietnam, and who knows how much that train ticket cost which took me from that uninteresting, mine trap infested Laos to the tourist trap of a country called Thailand. Of course, there was more traveling than that but these are just three examples I just decided to use. 

I was using these modes of transportation traveling from one country to another, to some this might not seem like such an expensive thing, but for someone whose as dirt broke – and adventure hungry – as me, every cent counts! If only I had discovered the wonderful joy of hitchhiking earlier, my bank account would have been a lot happier as well as still full. 



Hitchhiking is an awesome way of traveling especially if you’re seeking to make your travels more adventurous. You get to meet a lot of cool and curious locals (as well as some not so cool ones, but not that many in my case). They’ll show you some interesting places around their country – or tell you how to get there –  which you normally wouldn’t have known about unless you befriended a couple of locals. 

It’s the type of information that you normally wouldn’t get from staying at hostels as most travelers there are just visiting the more popular and touristic hot spots – and then claim they love discovering new places and going off the beaten trail, give me a break. 

Starting Off In My Own Backyard



As the months flew by during my travels I started to notice one thing, how much I wished that I started my trip back in the U.S – motherfucking – A! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting loads of travelers who backpacked the United States and the pictures and stories they told and showed me were absolutely phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew the States was and is a beautiful and magnificent place but it’s also an expensive gold-digging bitch that always wants a shit load of your money, so I figured why not travel to Southeast Asia or South America where my money would last longer. 

Now knowing what I know, I actually wish I had started this long and profound journey back in my homeland. I’ve could’ve done it relatively cheap and with style. With Work-Away I could have easily found a great house sitting job and hitchhiked to whatever state the job was in. These two methods are a sure way to travel all over the state cheaply and adventurously. Not only that, during these times and privacy of house sitting I would have gained enough time to build up my freelancing career up to a level where I could have been making some big bucks by the time I was ready to leave my country and see what else the rest of the world had to offer. 



 With the other skills I would have learned from other Work-Away jobs I might have done, I would have used them on my journey seeking new adventures. Things could have been so different but oh well, it is what it is and I just have to learn and move on. 

 So there you have it my loyal readers, with the knowledge that I now have, these are the things I would have done differently back then. I hope this post will help some of you that are soon to embark on your journey so that you can plan your adventure accordingly and see what possibilities are out there. Happy travels guys!!!


What are some of the things you wish you could’ve done differently on your travels?


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